Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

Have you come to your emotional edge? Are you overwhelmed by the emotional load of leading? Do you want to learn how to handle the pressures that go along with leading a ministry?

In this episode, Pastor John and Pastor Gerald share how to navigate the extreme emotional highs and lows of ministry and turn biblical truths into helpful daily disciplines.

  • Basing identity on position rather than performance
  • Becoming comfortable with the order of person, position, and performance (Romans 1:1)
  • Solitude and Sifting – Finding moments alone with God when He can sift through the emotions of the day
  • Avoiding comparisons that lead to frustration and regret
  • Utilizing and growing to capacity the platform that God has given you
  • The vital part of personal growth

Where He has planted you, He will cause you to grow. Be diligent about personal growth.

“Numbers are a distortion on either end. Don’t let that afflict your soul.”

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