Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

If you are a pastor who has children, listen in! During this podcast, Pastor John Nuzzo and his daughter, Cianna, hold a candid discussion about Cianna’s experience as a pastor’s kid. She openly and honestly shares from her heart the benefits and struggles of being a “PK” and gives wise counsel to both pastors and their children. It is time to become aware of what your child may be going through and set boundaries that will define who your child will become and how they will feel about God and church.

Learn from someone who has experienced the struggles and the great benefits of being a PK and be intentional about making the necessary changes today! As Cianna says, “People are flawed, but God is not.” Open a conversation with your child, no matter what age, and follow the advice of this wise 23-year-old and her father before it’s too late.

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