Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

God made man with relational needs. You can respond to having needs in a healthy way: you can get before God, become accountable to one another; allow what the Word of God says to govern your life. In the absence of God doing that work inside of you, you will bring an unsustainable weight to your marriage, your relationships, your leadership, and you will set yourself up for failure.

In this podcast, learn the three unhealthy responses individuals can have to being needy. Learn characteristics of those responses and how they affect your leadership. Be honest with yourself and be willing to ask questions that delve into the reasons you respond the way you do. Go on that journey and let God deal with your heart and make you whole. It will change the way you lead; it will change the way you treat people; it will cause things around you to lurch forward. Dive into these things and truly live in freedom!

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