Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

December 2021

Pastor John Nuzzo interviews Cere Muscarella, the pastor of a church in Angleton, Texas, who is a seasoned leader from which we all can learn. Whether you are an emerging or experienced leader, you will benefit from the life lessons ministered in this podcast.

By definition, ministry carries a heavy load—but you can learn to “shrug” it onto our Father and be fully refreshed and prepared for the next thing that comes your way. You will learn valuable lessons like the following:

  • Discover the new “gold, silver, and precious stones” standard that pleases our Lord.
  • Learn to say “Yes” to what may seem impossible.
  • Enjoy peace, a much easier road, a lack of measuring yourself against yourself (your own abilities).
  • Avoid pitfalls from someone who “has been there and done that.”

Challenge yourself today. Submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit, ask Him to search your heart, and watch what He can do through you!

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