Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

February 2022

This podcast introduces values that Pastor and Michelle Nuzzo have used to lead Victory Family Church as well as their own lives. Pastor John uses personal, transformational experiences to define how they have founded their lives and everything they do on six values. You will hear the stories about what influenced them and how these values emerged in this six-part series of podcasts

The first value is Let Love Lead. Love will lead you only where God would lead you; God will lead you only where love would lead you. When you love people and let love lead, and every goal you have is formed in the love of God, it covers a multitude of your failures and weaknesses because people are desperate for God.

We don’t lead people into His Kingdom; we love people into His Kingdom. Do you truly realize how much the Father loves YOU? Love influences the way you lead others. Let love be the determining factor in how you lead. Through the Nuzzo’s personal examples and experiences, you will learn the importance of letting love lead.

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