Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

May 2022

In this podcast, Pastor John continues to unveil the values upon which his ministry and personal life have been based. Values are important because they give the ability to make decisions ahead of the curve and to be incredibly consistent; they keep us steady.

Make It Count, the fourth value, ensures that people trust us and know they have worth. It is the reason we are in leadership—to interact with and care for people. All people are designed to give and receive care. In every interaction, we must make it count! All human beings hold intrinsic value to God; He sees the precious in what others see as worthless.

Pastor John uses both biblical and personal stories to exemplify ways that we can make it count with people. He challenges us to “seek to see the unseen.”


  • Three ways to “make it count” for every individual in your sphere of influence
  • The difference between excellence and perfectionism.
  • How to intentionally seek to see people

If you were to meet YOU today, would it make a difference in your life? Be the story someone tells 20 or 30 years from now! Make it count for someone today!

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