Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

Great systems are replicable and transferable across the board and can produce the same effect elsewhere. Join Pastor John as he welcomes Pastor Chris Hodges of Church of the Highlands of Birmingham, Alabama, and highlights leadership principles and practices that are applicable regardless of the scale or size of your ministry.

This episode highlights vital points such as:

  • Clarity of Vision – Is your vision clear? Can your staff and church members convey that vision? What is your win? What are you working toward? How will you know when you are accomplishing that vision? What are your measurable goals?
  • Preaching the Vision – Know God. Find freedom. Discover your purpose. Make a difference.
  • Never do ministry alone. Get relationally connected to a ministry model that you appreciate and learn from proven models.
  • Resources for you to utilize: Arc Churches, Grow Leader, Highlands College

Your life and ministry can be deeply impacted by someone that you have no physical proximity to. Resources and connection possibilities are at your fingertips. Get connected.

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