Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

Would you like to live your life pursuing your passion without having any regrets? How well do you balance your ministry with your personal life? Have you ever been to a family event yet not been present?

In this podcast Pastor John discusses what he has learned in 30 years of ministry that he would change if he could. We don’t usually have the opportunity for do-overs, but by learning some key principles and taking a few practical steps, you can avoid pitfalls that will allow you to lead without regret. Living your life out of balance is a form of pride, and God resists the proud. With a spirit of humility, you can implement principles that will enhance both your ministry and your family life. Valuable points covered in this podcast include these ministry-changing principles:

  • Don’t let your vision for your ministry consume your entire life.
  • Be more intentional in your marriage and your family.
  • Get better educated. Seek for wisdom more than you would for gold.
  • Intentionally say what God says in the face of your circumstances that are contradictory instead of always trying to think your way forward.
  • Get quiet before God and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your life and obey them.

Take time to write down one action step that you can implement in the next week and begin balancing the scales in your life!

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