Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

Have you, as a lead pastor, ever felt that no one is “like-minded” on your team? Do you desire to maximize your personal performance and increase your effectiveness as a team player in your local church?

You were created to make a significant impact in your local church and can be a vital asset to your pastor and church, making a meaningful contribution to the Kingdom of God. If you desire to be used by God and be highly profitable to your pastor, this podcast is for you. Today’s pastors recognize the need for modern-day Timothys-men and women who have a heart for God, a passion for people, and a desire for excellence. As Pastor John Nuzzo and Rev. Cooke discuss the book and DVD curriculum In Search of Timothy, you will learn how to discover and develop greatness in church staff and leaders. Discover how you can make a meaningful contribution to the Kingdom of God and take next steps so you can truly fulfill the mission of God in your hearts. Listening to this valuable conversation will change the dynamics of your church staff and leaders and provide resources to help you along the way.

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