Leadership Podcast

with Pastor John Nuzzo

Are you driven or are you a drifter? Do you find yourself increasingly stressed doing the work of God? Do you have a strategy for life in place to keep focused and balanced in your life? Do you have friendships in your life so you don’t have to bear burdens alone?

Laboring with God to build His church can become overwhelming at times if we, as pastors, don’t have balance and boundaries in our lives. Stress can creep in and choke out the joy of what God has called us to do. This month’s discussion between Pastor John Nuzzo and Pastor Jim Graff unveils proven and practical methods of relieving stress—God’s way. Discover the tools necessary to see fulfillment and fruitfulness in your life while you stay focused on what God has put you on the planet to accomplish. Do not bear your burdens alone. God has placed people in your midst to encourage you and stand beside you. Begin living a stress-free life today!

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